All Pest Control Services Are Not Created The Same!!!

Over the years there are some aspects of pest control that seem to have blended together. There are a variety of reasons for this but the results can leave the average homeowner quite confused.

In South Florida today, there are two distinctly different pest control services. The first being structural pest control. This is what we here at Sentinel Termite and Pest do. We focus on keeping your home, both inside and out, free from unwanted pests. This will include a barrier of 5 feet of ground around the entire structure. Items attached to the home, such as patios or pool enclosures, will also be the focus of our services. We are extensively experienced and trained in this field. We specialize in keeping the unwanted pests away from your home-where you live, sleep, and spend a majority of your time. This is the area that we proudly have over 20 years of experience in.

The second variation of pest control services available today involves lawn care. Lawn services and/or landscapers generally broadcast spray weed products, fertilizer, and sometimes insecticide. This service is designed to keep the number of fleas, ants, and other pets out of your lawn. In some cases it also prevents some pests from eating your lawn. This is a completely different knowledge base and science than structural pest control.

So to clear up any confusion, if you are having trouble with your lawn-call a turf expert or landscaper. If you have unwanted pests in or around your home-call us here at Sentinel! As always, do your homework on any company that you plan to hire for any home service.

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