Subterranean termites are a very real threat here in S. Florida!

Subterranean termites are a very real threat year round here in South Florida. They are active all year long and can do significant damage very quickly. In this photo, we found Formosan subterranean termites in a storage shed. In a very short time, in this case a matter of weeks, they devastated this couch. If they are capable of doing this much damage to a couch, imagine what they can do to your home. If you suspect subterranean termite activity in your home or business-then it is time to call Sentinel!! additionally, even if you do not, there are very effective preventative treatments that you can take advantage of. Give us a call-we would be happy to discuss preventative options with you.

All Pest Control Services Are Not Created The Same!!!

Over the years there are some aspects of pest control that seem to have blended together. There are a variety of reasons for this but the results can leave the average homeowner quite confused.

In South Florida today, there are two distinctly different pest control services. The first being structural pest control. This is what we here at Sentinel Termite and Pest do. We focus on keeping your home, both inside and out, free from unwanted pests. This will include a barrier of 5 feet of ground around the entire structure. Items attached to the home, such as patios or pool enclosures, will also be the focus of our services. We are extensively experienced and trained in this field. We specialize in keeping the unwanted pests away from your home-where you live, sleep, and spend a majority of your time. This is the area that we proudly have over 20 years of experience in.

The second variation of pest control services available today involves lawn care. Lawn services and/or landscapers generally broadcast spray weed products, fertilizer, and sometimes insecticide. This service is designed to keep the number of fleas, ants, and other pets out of your lawn. In some cases it also prevents some pests from eating your lawn. This is a completely different knowledge base and science than structural pest control.

So to clear up any confusion, if you are having trouble with your lawn-call a turf expert or landscaper. If you have unwanted pests in or around your home-call us here at Sentinel! As always, do your homework on any company that you plan to hire for any home service.

5 Common Mistakes that Attract Subterranean Termites


1. Woodpiles-Many people have woodpiles on their property. If you do have one, it is best to keep it as far away from the house as possible. It is also helpful to stack it elevated off of the ground.

2. Poor Drainage-This can lead to a number of issues in and around your home. But, excessive moisture will undoubtedly attract subterranean termites at some point.

3. Stumps-These are often times forgotten after the tree or shrubs are cut down. They serve as an excellent food source for subterranean termites. Once they discover it, it will only bring more of them closer to your home.

4. Mulch-This is also an excellent food source for subterranean termites. The biggest mistake that homeowners make with mulch is to continually pile new mulch on top of old. If mulch is a must for your landscape, it is best to take up the old at least every other year.

5. AC Drip lines-We all have condensate drip lines that run from our AC units. They usually deposit the excess moisture right up against the house. This moisture source can certainly be enough to attract subterranean termites especially during drier times of the year. It is best to xtend these lines as far away from the house as possible.


The Formosan Subterranean Termite – What you need to know

The Formosan Subterranean Termite, is the most notorious termite species in North America and East Asia, while in large parts of tropical and subtropical Asia, we have the Asian Subterranean Termite. While Asian and Formosan termites were first discovered in Taiwan, many species have since spread to other countries via shipping cargo. This is how they were first introduced to South Florida.

Formosan and Asian termites are able to develop huge colonies numbering a few million, while their foraging tunnels can extend up to 350 feet in length.

In this way, a single colony alone can reduce the woodwork of a whole block of houses into hollow skeletons within a couple of years. They are also known to chew through plastic, foam, insulation, copper, and asphalt to get to their food, which not only comprises wood, but paper, and cardboard or anything remotely containing cellulose.

It’s easy to see why Formosan and Asian Termites are called super termites. These termites also have the amazing ability to replace their queen and king with secondary reproductives should something happen to their primary queen and king, making eradication of colonies even more difficult. Very few termite species have such an amazing capability.

In the US, the Formosan termite is the top termite pest having been introduced into the country 50 years ago. They have now spread over many southern states, including Florida, California, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and even Hawaii. The Asian termite was introduced to south Florida through the Ports of Miami, Everglades, and Palm Beach 8-10 years ago. In the US, Formosan termites alone cost an estimated $1 billion a year in damage, repair, and other forced measures to deal with them. Hawaii has been badly hit because of the ideal soil and climate which resembles their native Taiwan. Collectively, Formosan termites cost the world billions of dollars annually in damage to buildings, structures and tree plantations, and they seem to be invading new countries, as some species do not really need soil to establish a nest. In certain circumstances, Formosan and Asian termites have been known to establish an arial colony which includes a carton nest. When this happens, the termites do not need to constantly return to the soil for moisture. This situation can cause serious problems in any structure as traditional treatment methods are rendered useless.

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