Pest Control Services

Quality pest control should always begin with a thorough inspection of the property. This is how we begin with your property at Sentinel. We will look for any existing termite or pest issues as well as identify any conducive situations that could be contributing to the issue. We will then identify the most effective manner with which to treat your property for any current issues as well as prevent any in the future. Our goal is to make your property termite and pest free allowing you to enjoy South Florida living!

Within 30 days of our initial treatment and every month thereafter, we will return to reinforce your barrier around your home or business, to keep any newly emerging pests from re-establishing an infestation. We will re-inspect your property and perform exterior treatments every other month, throughout the year, to keep pests from migrating back into your home. In addition, every time we visit your home, your Sentinel Termite & Pest service technician will remove all accessible spider webs.

Naturally, we treat for pests, but our goal is to locate sources and pest-friendly conditions, and then eliminate entry points and nesting sites to keep new pests from entering.